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Hello Again focuses on a series of love affairs among ten characters during the ten different decades of the 20th century in non-chronological order. As though seen through the lens of a combination time machine and bawdy, old-time kinescope, Hello Again crisscrosses beds and jumps from decade to decade, intimately examining the painful secrets that drive characters into each other’s arms and towards the bruising effects of reckless passion. Originally premiering at Lincoln Center in 1994, this musical, written by Michael John LaChuisa, makes its triumphant return to Los Angeles in nearly a decade.


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"This is an exceptional sort of musical, and dramatically, there’s quite a lot of very clever elements; Van Slyke’s fast-moving and fluidly-paced direction is infused with discerning little nods to the differing decades each romantic intrigue transpires in. He also inserts plenty of insights regarding the nature of relationships—most notably when the heart and mind are over-ridden by the libido!"

"Although not a favorite, La Ronde offers lots of different sexual encounters especially in Michael John LaChuisa's musical version that covers every decade of the 20th century...its music is varied and Michael Mullen's costumes are an eye-popping treat."

"Chromolume Theater deserves major snaps for taking on a musical as risky as Hello Again and then pulling it off. For chance-taking theatergoers, it makes for one raunchy, rich, rewarding ride."


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