Hindsight 2020



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Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival is presenting a new virtual show, Hindsight 2020, consisting of reflective stories of the year that changed everything. These are stories specifically of Culver City residents and workers that speak of their lives during the 2020 pandemic and lockdown, civil unrest in the streets, and a particularly turbulent election cycle.


The program consists of seven stories from seven women. Barbara Kallir directs. The stories are performed by the writers, except where noted.  Dance and musical performances compatible with the show’s themes have been added to make for expanded programming. Here’s an updated schedule of the performances:


Friday, January 14 at 7:00 p.m. PST. Theme: Taking Care in the Light.

          Hosted by Jahna Houston (Wicked) and Kat Kramer (Turnover)


          Covid in My Care, written by Danielle Sheppard and performed by Marwa Bernstein. Danielle is an educator, parent, and therapist who was impacted by the pandemic from different viewpoints, as she juggled her professional and personal life.


          Promised Land, a dance piece choreographed by Juli Kim and performed by Juli Kim and Crystal Her. A duet that mirrors this time of isolation and darkness. A mother lulls her daughter to a slumber, then takes her to the land of love and beauty. The daughter is convinced that all will pass and a world of happiness will return.


A Light in the Darkness, written and performed by Judith Oehmen. Judith is a past respiratory therapist called upon during the pandemic who gives pause to how she views herself, her family, friends and community through her fearless and positive attitude.


Saturday, January 15 at 7:00 p.m. Theme: Silver Linings.

          Hosted by Karen A. Clark (The Women) and Sky Palkowitz (Senior Love Triangle)


          Being Asian-American Through the Pandemic. written and performed by Fern Lim. Fern is an actor who experienced Covid-19 through the perspective of an Asian American, and found solace from the deep roots in her Asian community, as well as her gradual  healing through the arts. She created a regular blog snapshotting little things that sparked emotion and allowed her to give gratitude.


Seeing You, Seeing Me, written and performed by Erin Brand. Erin is a social worker and Sign Language interpreter who worked with the unhoused community in Culver City and experienced the impact that the pandemic has had on them and the frontline employees she supervised.


My Backyard Becomes My Stage, written and performed by Mayita Dinos. Mayita is a vocalist and landscaper who, in the midst of the pandemic, was diagnosed with cancer and found peace from nature and her beautiful backyard. She performs excerpts from her original songs that include My Mother’s Beans and Jetstream of Love.


          Sunday, January 16 at 3:00 p.m. Theme: Lessons and Blessings.

          Hosted by Fay Hauser-Price (Shameless) and Terrie Silverman (Creative Rites)


Capuccinos, College and Covid,” written by Cat Juniel and performed by Tangie Ambrose. Cat is a full-time student who had to adapt to online college learning while working in a Culver City café.


Dance Shorts 2020. Choreographed  by Raissa Simpson. Dance Shorts 2020 speaks to the isolation many of us felt during the height of the 2020 pandemic. Performed by PUSH Dance Company.


Searching for Harmony, written and performed by Christina Linhardt. She is a performer and veterans volunteer who was affected by Covid-19 in practically every major way, including contracting the virus. Christina began writing about her experiences and had a life-changing surgery.


Rise Up, performed by Jacquelyn Brown Benefield. Rise Up is an inspirational song that uplifts us during this time of challenges and uncertainty.