Inside the Box



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Tue Jan 26, 6:00pm
Wed Jan 27, 6:00pm
Thu Jan 28, 6:00pm
Fri Jan 29, 6:00pm
Sat Jan 30, 2:00pm
Sat Jan 30, 8:00pm
Sun Jan 31, 1:00pm
Sun Jan 31, 7:00pm
Tue Feb 02, 6:00pm
Wed Feb 03, 6:00pm
Thu Feb 04, 6:00pm
Fri Feb 05, 6:00pm
Sat Feb 06, 2:00pm
Sat Feb 06, 8:00pm
Sun Feb 07, 1:00pm
Sun Feb 07, 7:00pm
Tue Feb 09, 6:00pm
Wed Feb 10, 6:00pm
Thu Feb 11, 6:00pm
Fri Feb 12, 6:00pm
Sat Feb 13, 2:00pm
Sat Feb 13, 8:00pm
Sun Feb 14, 1:00pm
Sun Feb 14, 7:00pm

Inside the Box takes us into the exhilarating world of games with New York Times crossword constructor David Kwong. Twenty-four guests will have a front-row seat to an entirely interactive show of puzzles, while David regales them with stories of the most extraordinary puzzle-makers throughout history. This incredibly smart and wildly entertaining event is filled with wordplay, multi-layered games, and surprises that will leave your mind blown. Log on, put on your thinking caps, and join in the fun.


Intimidated by puzzles? Don’t be! David Kwong has designed these games to be fun and enjoyable at any skill level. Ticket holders will be emailed a PDF packet of materials one week in advance, which must be printed prior to showtime. David will guide the audience through these materials during the show.

This production will use the Zoom video conferencing platform. Audience members will “check-in” to their show up to 30 minutes ahead of curtain, and may be asked to interact with David as well as share their video at all times.

The show will begin once everyone is in the Zoom theater. Some puzzles will require volunteers, while others will involve the “Zoom grid” in which everyone gets a chance to participate. Along the way, David will unveil clues that ultimately reveal a special surprise at the climax of the show.


$75 Interactive Tickets
Twenty-four tickets are available for per show, which give audiences a spot in the Zoom "grid" and full participation in the show. Interactive participants will receive the full packet by email and the ability to interact with David Kwong during the show.

$25 Viewing-Only Tickets
Five viewing-only tickets are available per show. Although they won't be able to interact directly with David or the other participants, they will receive the pre-show puzzle packet and be able to enjoy the show (like watching Jeopardy, or Wheel of Fortune) at home. We strongly recommend printing out and preparing the puzzle packet because, if any regular ticket holders don't show up, viewing-only ticket holders may be randomly selected to be upgraded into a participating spot in the show!