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Back by popular demand after being a hit of the 2017 SoloFest, accomplished actress Claudia DiMartino once again shares her touching, moving and hilarious story of leaving the corporate world to pursue her acting dreams in IT’S ONLY LIPSTICK at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks on Thursday evenings at 8pm through August 17. Directed by acclaimed solo show veteran Jessica Lynn Johnson, the show is DiMartino’s story of surviving the dysfunction of an Italian-American family in Brooklyn to weathering the instability of being a marketing executive in the beauty industry in corporate America before the life-shattering events of 9/11 caused her to take a good, hard look at her life and make the decision that it’s never too late to go after your dreams.


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"During her 22-year career in the beauty and cosmetics industry, when Claudia DiMartino found herself exhausted and working around the clock or when colleagues stressed out over projects, she would often say, "It's only lipstick" in an attempt to remind herself the work was not all that important and to calm down and relax for the sake of her health. But it was not until she visited Israel and a life-changing experience changed her outlook on life and belief that she really could succeed by choosing to life the type of life she's always wanting since being called the "free spirit" of her family. As she recounts vibrant tales of more than 40 people in her life at age 10 through adulthood, you will come to understand who each played a significant role in her life."


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