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Created by award winning writer/performer Paul Linke, who is returning to PRT, having performed his superb “Time Trilogy” there in 1998. His remarkable new show is about our most precious commodity: Time. A funny, heartwarming and profound evening, devoted to his time spent as a widower and his transformative meeting with his second wife, Christine.

IT’S TIME has been extended to run Thursdays – Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 3pm through May 28, 2017 (no performances May 25 – 27). Pacific Resident Theatre is located at 705-1/2 Venice Blvd. in Venice, CA 90210. Tickets are $25 – $30 and can be purchased in advance by calling (310) 822-8392 or Free street parking or lot behind the theater.


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"Paul tells his story with love, pride, and emotion from beginning to end.  His performance is theater at its best."

"This is a beautiful journey. One that is honestly and openly shared. It is hard not to shed a tear, nor to feel empathy during Linke’s 70 minute performance."

"It is an extraordinary story told by a master monologist."

"I walked out of the theater in tears, convinced the way to celebrate and live my life in celebration is to look to the future with love and hope, and not live convinced the way to more forward is by focusing on the disappointments seen in rear-view mirror of my life."

"It’s a poignant story, its potency underscored by Linke’s confiding manner, his ready eye-contact with his listeners, his modest mien and pungent wit. Sometimes, given the intimate space, it feels as if you’re talking with an old acquaintance over coffee — a funny, likable guy whose decision to share some things you never knew extends the humanity of you both."

"You will probably cry. And be very glad you saw this stunning one-man show."

"Bold...hilariously ribald. Told with considerable wit."

"Paul Linke is clearly a master monologist who knows just how to hold each audience member in the palm of his hand."

"Though you won’t sit through it with a dry eye it’s an uplifting show that gladdens the heart, amidst the realization the clock is ticking perhaps faster than we admit to ourselves. Linke doesn’t try to suppress the emotions or the tears when they come and that’s part of the magic he brings to the stage, under the astute direction of his accomplice Edward Edwards—it’s one of the most honest and candid performances you’ll see all year."


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