Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival: Defining Moments



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Reviews: 0

Sun Jun 23, 7:00pm

Four women writer-performers will perform their stories, excerpted from larger pieces.

Karen. A. Clark in The Women. In this encore excerpt and through music, poetry and storytelling, Ms. Clark reflects on the women in her family, particularly her mother, who provided a “wow” factor.

Barbara Cole in Surviving Chrysalis. One woman reconciles aging in her journey toward self-actualization in this funny excerpt.

Bellina Logan in Confessions of a Mulatto Child. This excerpted piece chronicles a bi-racial child's life with her acerbic English actor/mother and the deep bond they forged.

Amy Milano in Dancing with Crazies. In this excerpt from her life experiences, one woman searches for a place to call home after being uprooted from place to place as a child.

Anna Maria Horsford and Ted Lange host.

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