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A glimpse into the life of Martha Graham, the legendary pioneer of modern dance and the fierce, witty, trailblazing feminist, who refused to let age define or confine her. An electrifying performer who danced into her 70’s and choreographed into her 90’s, she was a major artist of the twentieth century, who possessed a gift for revealing emotion and the complexities of humanity through the dances that she created. For an artist like Graham a life away from the arts feels impossible, but when is it time to say…”when?” MARTHA opens at 7:30pm on March 12, and runs Sundays at 7:30pm through April 16, 2017. The Whitefire Theatre is located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Tickets are $25 and can be reserved at . For more information: 818-990-2324.


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"The incredible Christina Carlisi totally embodies this movement innovator with her very first hand gestures. Carlisi nails the physicality (the dancer's posture and carriage) of the aging, yet eternally youthful dancer effortlessly demonstrating Ms. Graham's iconic moves. The charismatic Carlisi authentically communicates Ms. Graham's delicious and creative spirit via Melaver's clever, snappy-lined narratives."

"It’s a breathtaking piece in both its simplicity as well as its complexity."

"All the while Ms. Carlisi moves seamlessly into dance mode, demonstrating the iconic Martha Graham style, while smoothing changing costumes from an onstage rack. Always moving the text, she perfectly captures the fluid, sometimes angular movement that made Martha famous."

"If you love dance then "Martha" is a rare treat to be sure. But if you enjoy intimate and profoundly moving theatre, then you really should see this play."

"Christina Carlisi brings her own impressive credentials to the Martha project with her work as an actress, and as a dancer along side notables such as Chita Rivera, Bernadette Peters, Stanley Donen, Gower Champion, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, and Kenny Ortega."

"“ “Martha” Will Literally Dance Into Your Heart With Passion And Soul!” THE GEEK AUTHORITY -  Lorenzo Marchessi The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks presents the West Coast premiere of a wonderfully engaging dramatic show centered around the amazingly talented and iconic dancer/choreographer Martha Graham, and it’s called “Martha”. It’s a detailed and thought provoking one-woman show starring the impressively talented performance of Christina Carlisi as the pro-dancer/choreographer herself. Martha Graham herself said, “Each one of us has all of life in us, and it is our choice to decide what we will reveal. How many drops of blood have gone into making you? How much memory is in that drop of blood?” Christina will absolutely blow you away with her humor and smart choices of attitude and making the life of Miss Graham seems so real and like she’s right in front of your eyes. Her energy was always high but her moments of dance moves, mixed with the witty commentary of all the people who affected the later part of her life, will keep you on your ‘toes (Pun intended.) She actually shows you how much ‘memory’ is in every drop of blood! Pic 001 – All pic s- Christina Carlisi"

"Not linear. Not organized. Not straightforward or full of justifications. And never, ever, not once boring. Rather we feel as if a fascinating woman walked into our lives and shared some searingly honest moments and memories."

"The star of the solo show about this indomitable force of nature who literally dances to her own drummer, supple and talented Christina Carlisi does a brilliant job of bringing MARTHA to life."

"So, in short, performance-wise, the production was illuminating and excellent preparation for our VPAC show in May."

"Through movement, Carlisi embodies the physical and personal sacrifices that Graham made for her art for more than fifty years. We sense Graham’s fear that if she cannot dance, she will most certainly die. Carlisi is not as strong when she dances the Graham movements, but this in no way diminishes her portrayal of this monumental woman. Admittedly, Graham had a power and fierceness that few possess, and MARTHA is not about the dancing; it is about the woman."


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