Millo | At the Crack of Dawn • Mando Marie | Tell Me All About It



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Thinkspace Projects Presents Two New Solo Shows

Gallery One | Millo | At the Crack of Dawn
Gallery Two | Mando Marie | Tell Me All About It

MAY 1, 2021 - MAY 22, 2021

Thinkspace Projects
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90016
T: 310.558.3375 | Tues. - Sat. Noon to 6PM
limited entry | masks required

Thinkspace Projects presents two brand new solo exhibitions. In Gallery One, Italian muralist Millo’s U.S. debut solo show ’At the Crack of Dawn’ is an exhibition built around the ephemeral point in time just before waking when everything is whimsical and the lines between dreams and reality are blurred. The friendly inhabitants of each scene float above their urban settings displaying a blend of dream and reality.

In Gallery Two, Mando Marie presents her solo show ‘Tell Me All About It.’ Pulling inspiration from Golden Age picture books, she crafts a world reminiscent of childhood adventure and wonder. She incorporates elements of street art juxtaposed with the familiarity of the picture book inspired world to create work that is both edgy and comforting.