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Los Angeles, CA

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A New York couple, hassled by life in that city, move first to Iowa and then to Hollywood. Guess where they finally end up?


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"New York Water is a rather generic example of the genre — with cardboard characters and action largely dictated by neither plot nor character, but by the need to keep grinding out laugh lines. There’s not much concern with credibility or even probability."

"Award-winning playwright Sam Bobrick again demonstrates his keen eye for the hilarious in the mundane."

"A charming comedy written by Sam Bobrick and produced by the West Coast Jewish Theatre."

"One of the funniest lines in the opening scene is when Linda, while defending the rusty color of the New York tap water she serves Albert, describes it as "having body." Albert fires back, "I wonder whose," setting the audience up for all the belly laughs to come. And there are many!"

"New York Water by Sam Bobrick is theatre of the absurd, or a farce. That’s all you really need to know to just sit back and enjoy this wicked and wonderful ride."

"New York Water is filled with extra twists and turns around every bend, a love affair gone awry, and many an irony, very characteristic of Sam Bobrick’s previous works. Deep revelations and gutsy insights are gleaned from the play’s rich, flowing dialogue and incredibly true to life scenarios."

"Young, old and all of you in-between, lighten your day or brighten your night but don’t miss this show!"

"“New York Water” hits all the right chords, as it takes the lucky theatre-goer on a journey of the heart and mind with a spirited production that lives up to Bobrick’s unique stand-alone style. Bobrick is funny and he’s got heart. It’s that simple, and it’s that evident in “New York Water.”"

"This is a really funny play, so don’t miss it!"

"Sam Bobrick has written an amusing play with enough comedy to keep you laughing throughout."


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