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In this searingly honest journey, a man unwittingly causes the death of his younger sister in a tragic accident and his life is upended. Wracked with remorse he drifts to New York City and slowly puts the pieces of his shattered existence back together. NOCTURNE is the story of one man’s journey of redemption in a gut wrenching yet hauntingly lyrical meditation on guilt and grief, performed with much raw emotion, as well as many characters, by Jamie Wollrab.


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"Nocturne gets under your skin. It’s raw, it’s elusive, it’s messy and emotional. It reminds us that life is fleeting, life is fragile. Life is strange and painful and lonely and confusing. Life is beautiful."

"Wollrab is powerful and moving as he conveys secrets which are often invisible to others. NOCTURNE will definitely have a special appeal to people who have faced trauma and loss, especially involving loved ones. Given Jamie Wollrab’s virtuoso performance, it may also serve as a master acting class."

"Nocturne is a truly beautiful piece of playwriting, the type of work you want to crawl inside in hopes of absorbing its secrets. The writing is so stunning, in fact, that you cannot help but wonder if it may be more enjoyable to read than to watch. As a performance, there are parts that feel overwritten, where you could do without almost excessive description, regardless of how pretty the language may be."

"Wollrab works a mere few feet from the audience, his sad eyes looking like they’ve done 15 years of crying. His despondency floods the stage. But he recognizes the healing power of humor and lets it make him crack a smile or even a wry laugh. Wollrab also beautifully embodies the playful little girl, the fragile mother and the hoarse father, as The Son remembers them."


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