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December 7, 1941. Four Hawaiian youngsters (two of Korean extraction, one of Filipino parentage, one of Japanese extraction) are playing marbles in a churchyard in Wahiawa, on Oahu’s North Shore. Japanese bombers buzz the town on their way to attack Pearl Harbor. War arrives, and Nothing Is the Same. Mits, the Japanese-Hawaiian youth, eventually becomes an object of suspicion after he appears to signal one of the aircraft flying overhead. Could he possibly be a spy for the enemy? How will this effect how the other three youngsters respond to him? Japanese Americans on the mainland are being sent to detention camps far from their homes. Will that happen to Mits on the island? George, Bobi and Daniel, the other three, though not of Japanese heritage, are Asian Pacific Americans. How will perceptions of how they are seen affect their lives and their relationship with Mits?


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"Four youngsters in Hawaii enjoy the simple pleasures that only childhood can afford – the unbridled joy of innocent play and friendship without serious judgment – until an act of war changes their lives forever. In “ Nothing is the Same” by Y York currently at the Sierra Madre Playhouse, deals with the personal aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Bobi (Chloe Madriaga), George (Cedric “Ikiaika” Jonathan), and Daniel (On Shiu), portraying Asian Pacific Americans of Filipino and Korean descent, and Mits (Kurt Kanazawa), portraying a Japanese-Hawaiian, play four children whose lives on the North Shore of O'ahu have, up til now, focused intently on the most important things in life – marble collecting, inner-tubing, and free donuts."

"Added to the noble pursuit of bringing theatre to patrons and students alike, Nothing is the Same can be forgiven for at least some of its shortcomings."

"It’s not just school children—10,000 and counting since Sierra Madre Playhouse initiated its Field Trip Series four seasons ago—who will find themselves both entertained and informed. Nothing Is The Same is the best kind of Theater For Young Audience, i.e. theater for audiences of all ages, not to mention races, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and more."


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