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A classic dysfunctional family is the vehicle for a descent into chaos, and this viciously hilarious yet touching story addresses the classic question: “Why are we here?” PTERODACTYLS suggests that our extinction is beginning not with an asteroid or an ice age but rather with a severed connection to the ones closest to us. Nominated for various awards including a Drama Desk award for Best Play, PTERODACTYLS is an unmissable adventure by the award-winning writer of The Lyons, Nicky Silver–one the freshest new playwrights of this generation.


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"An AIDS-era period piece still relevant in Trump-era America, Pterodactyls retains much of its original power to delight and dismay. Pop Up Theater Inc.’s 2017 revival may not get it all right, but there’s enough going on in the Culver Studios Commissary to make it worth checking out."

"Director Melanie Weisner gets strong performances from her ensemble, but her staging and pacing fall short of the requirements of the play, which needs to be tighter and sharper to reach its full potential."


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