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In this haunting and provocative world premiere by Christian Durso, engines and heart rates explode on a journey towards redemption in a profoundly intimate theater-going experience. James Eckhouse (All the Way on Broadway, Beverly Hills 90210) stars as Raymond, whose moment of road rage along a frigid eastern Sierra highway shattered his relationship with his family forever. The impact of this event ripples through the years until his estranged son (Graham Sibley – Jane the Virgin, Sully) returns to test the limits of forgiveness.Runs in rep with the world premiere of Sinner’s Laundry by John Lavelle. Performances take place Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. To find a schedule of which play performs when, visit Single tickets are $30, or see both plays for $50. The Lounge Theatre is located at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA 90038. To purchase tickets, call (323) 380-8843 or go to



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"This IAMA Theatre Company world premiere, running through Nov. 19, stars superb actors James Eckhouse as Raymond and Graham Sibley as Raymond’s son Jamie, who flesh out these dimensional characters under observant direction by Eli Gonda."

"Now celebrating its tenth anniversary of edgy, electrifying Los Angeles theater-making, IAMA opens Season 10 with an emotional wallop. Redline is well worth a beeline to the Lounge."

"by Ernest Kearney — Forgiveness seems to be the theme of “Redline,” now playing in rep with “Sinner’s Laundry” at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. The Christian Durso two-character drama is premiering as part of IAMA Theatre Company’s tenth anniversary season celebration."

"Director Eli Gonda stages the monologues with a mostly unintrusive hand, letting the disturbing subject matter speak for itself. - RECOMMENDED"

"Mr. Durso’s writing is spot on and with smart direction from Eli Gonda and deeply committed, passionate performances from James Eckhouse and Graham Sibley, Redline evolves into a compelling, edge of your seat thriller. This is a taunt, visceral theatrical experience and by the time father and son reunite for the final showdown, you can cut the tension on stage with a knife."

"In Redline Christian Durso presents a riveting tale of just how one man’s five seconds of rage radically changes the lives of many. Then vastly talented and award winning actors James Eckhouse as Raymond and Graham Sibley as Jamie, with direction from Eli Gonda, transform the written word into powerful and compelling live action on stage. It is one unforgettable wild ride."

"Crisply directed by Eli Gonda, the language of Christian Durso’s play, as rendered by the superbly capable cast of two, is a wonder that flows unmediated from the characters like a mountain cataract. It is thrilling to experience. The play also has moments of suspense when the action threatens violence."


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