Theatre 68
North Hollywood

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Requiem Written by: Carlos Javier Castillo Directed by: Hector Negrete Co-producers: Isabel Wagner and Carlos J. Castillo CAST Peter Osterweil, Rebecca Ciocca, Devin Denman, Courtney Beaver, Aj Retland, Veniese Razo, Carlos J Castillo SYNOPSIS REQUIEM Is the story of a man who has lost his faith in society. Troubled by his past, his current job and relationship. He struggles to fit in and subsequently looks to a firearm for answers. A comedic snapshot of an American workforce and their plight to exist in the nightmare. VENUE: Theatre 68 – Flex Theatre – February 9th through March 31st, 2018 Performances on Friday and Saturday at 10pm. 60 minute running time.


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