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Pacific Resident Theatre Presents RHINOCEROS By EUGENE IONESCO Directed by GUILLERMO CIENFUEGOS Eugene Ionesco’s comic masterpiece. In a small provincial town outside of Paris, the citizens discover how quickly one’s sense of humanity can be eroded when facing the dangers of a herd mentality. A timely and brilliant indictment of impending fascism by this master of Avant-Garde Theater. With Sarah Brooke, Dan Cole, Peter Elbling, Alex Fernandez, Andy Hirsch, Robert Lesser, Jeff Lorch, Kendrah McKay, Melissa Weber Bales, Melinda West, Carole Weyers, Sarah Zinsser Produced by Rachel Berney Needleman Sara Newman-Martins Set Designer David Mauer Lighting Designer Justin Preston Sound Designer Christopher Moscatiello Costume Designer Christine Cover Ferro Choreographer Myrna Gawryn Stage Manager Julianne Figueroa $15 PREVIEWS June 29 & 30 Tickets $25 to $34 – July 1 to August 27 Venue: Pacific Resident Theatre 703 Venice Blvd 4 blocks west of Lincoln Venice CA 90291 Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/PacificResidentTheatre/ For reservations go online to WWW.PACIFICRESIDENTTHEATRE.COM or call 310-822-8392 GALA Opening July 1st SUBSCRIBE NOW! RHINOCEROS is the first show of our PRT 2017/18 Subscription Season.


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"Ionesco’s play prowls the fertile terrain of allegory and symbol, and does so by turns with subtlety and blunt force, as well as engaging humor. This odd transformation runs all of three hours in three acts, and uses an array of different characters, but it is thoroughly rewarding. Cienfuegos’s staging is top-tier impressive, as are dynamic performances of the ensemble."

"Precise comic timing and cleanly individuated characterizations sustain momentum and focus as Rhinoceritis spreads among the uniformly excellent supporting ensemble. Ionesco’s potentially deadly penchant for repetition is rendered skillfully enough to convey the intended message about conformity’s stultifying effect without inducing it in the audience."

"This side-splitting tale harnesses the extraordinary skills of a perfect cast as they fight – and then begin to succumb – to their own fatal attraction. Jean’s descent into rhinocitis is a joy to behold, and special kudos are in order for Alex Fernandez. Director Guillermo Cienfuegos has outdone himself as he helms this uproarious cautionary fable of lemmings going to the sea – and the one hold-out who may just be too dumb to follow suit. RHINOCEROS is a superb blend of slapstick and satire."

"The play has lost none of its meaning and potency. Witness its run at Pacific Resident Theatre, scheduled through Sept. 10 in a translation by Derek Prouse. Here we watch and think of those who voted in any way differently from us because a political party told them to, based on slogans and to be in line with the herd they follow."

"Director Guillermo Cienfuegos expertly guides his talented RHINOCEROS cast with tight, sturdy reins in a truly full-length play (three acts, spanning close to three hours) now at the Pacific Resident Theatre. Ionesco's "theater of the absurd" classic comes off more realistic than absurd - except for the presence of rhinos, that is. Think sci-fi, horror flick."

"Pacific Resident Theatre mounts a stunning production of Rhinoceros, with a sterling cast performing at the peak of their abilities. Director Guillermo Cienfuegos keeps the pace crisp and the action insightful. David Mauer’s scenic design, with lighting by Justin Preston, is a wonder, with one particular set change garnering enthusiastic applause. Christine Cover Ferro’s costume design reflects the period in high style while supporting character."


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