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New Year’s. Rotterdam, 2017. Alice has finally found the courage to email her parents to tell them she’s a lesbian. But before Alice hits send, her girlfriend Fiona reveals that she has always identified as a man, and now wants to live as one, sending their relationship into a tailspin. A queer love story, about all of us…

Skylight Theatre Company brings this Olivier Award Winner & West Coast Premiere to Los Angeles. Amid a breaking wave of transgender stories in popular culture (Transparent, Boy Meets Girl, and Orange is the New Black), Jon Brittain has created a groundbreaking play, with deeply relatable characters that are flawed, and hilarious. Rotterdam is a comedy with powerful questions about love and identity at its core.

“To live your truth out loud can be dangerous,” says director Michael A. Shepperd. “But, to take that step into your authentic self can make you much more powerful than anything the world can throw at you. This is the world of Rotterdam.”

Cast: Ryan Brophy as Josh (Young Arts 2014 Finalist/Silver Award winner); Audrey Cain as Lelani (East West Players production of La Cage Aux Folles, and Friends in Transient Places by Fresh Produce’d LA with appearances at the Fountain Theatre, Chalk Rep and EST-LA); Ashley Romans as Fiona/Adrian (Charm at Celebration Theatre in 2016, and The Devil Lives in Clarksville County); Miranda Wynne as Alice (Cissy Franks in the West Coast premiere of Punk Rock at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble).


Rotterdam by Jon Brittain runs at 8:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays; 2:00pm on Sundays; and 8:00pm on Mondays through December 31, 2017 (no performances on December 24 & 25). Skylight Theatre is located at 1816 1/2 N. Vermont Ave, LA, 90027. Tickets are $15 – $41. Reservations: 213-761-7061 or 866-811-4111. Online at


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"Critics’Choice. Absorbing…rich specificity. Pitch-perfect staging… so crisp that even the between-scenes set changes have choreography to them..."

"Rotterdam is funny, it’s sad, it’s wise, it’s absurd, it’s emotional, it’s profound, and yes, it’s topical. But don’t let that scare you off."

"Playwright Brittain has wrought a compelling new age love story that is enhanced by its transcendent casting. Director Sheppard has fashioned an attractive showcase; Nailaa Aladdin Sanders’ costumes are play perfect. - RECOMMENDED"

"Award-winning Jon Brittain has a sensitive but also clever handle on these players as they weave and feint through the tale of love under very peculiar circumstances. Tangled together with the potential tragedy of their lives is Brittain’s very funny take on this “what-if.” Get ready to chuckle as this tale of love unfolds and starts going in both predictable and unexpected directions."

"The characters do learn and grow, sure, but it hurts. Like it does! They make mistakes, some of them remarkably stupid and in context almost everyone does something ruthless or cruel or both. Remember -- once you leave Limbo, the next stop is Purgatory. And what is a greater purgatory than one's self at your worst?"

"This Skylight Theatre Company's production of playwright Jon Brittain's west coast premiere of ROTTERDAM receives a stunning mounting with a pitch-perfect aligning of talents supporting and complementing each other. Michael A. Shepperd deftly directs his spot-on cast of four bringing to life Brittain's detailed, sensitive, yet witty script on a person transitioning and its effects on those close to the day-to-day situations."

"Jon Brittain has written an urgently important play, intelligently exploring territory which other writers haven’t yet really touched with such understanding, humor, and an overwhelmingly sense of humanity. Under director Michael A. Shepperd’s impeccable care, his incredible cast pays unique homage to the courageous lives of people willing to eschew society’s ridiculously constrictive rules and honoring the struggles of all those brave cultural warriors who shuck the religiously-based dogma that limits our lives."

"...Wynne, Romans and Brophy exude a naturalness and generosity that transport you to the heart of the story — which is the struggle to hold on to love once you’ve found it."

"Imagine that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend suddenly announced that they were no longer the person you believed them to be, could you still remain coupled, or would this be a deal-breaker? It is precisely this question that lies at the heart of Jon Brittain’s Olivier Award-winning Rotterdam, now getting a riveting, thrillingly staged West Coast Premiere at Skylight Theatre on Vermont."

"Rotterdam has no heroes and no villains, just people doing their best in a difficult situation. It is a play that will not only make you think, but teach you about life experiences and identities you may not share, at a time in the world when understanding others and showing compassion feels so critical. Don’t miss it."


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