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England’s greatest actress and national treasure Lillie Langtry is the target of blackmail in a sex scandal that threatens to bring down the British monarchy. The perpetrator of this extortion is the vilest fiend ever to walk the streets of London, Professor Moriarty. Three men team up in an attempt to thwart the foul misdeed: The Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes; his friend, John H. Watson, M.D.; and the playwright, Oscar Wilde. Can these three succeed in stopping the arch-villain when Scotland Yard cannot?


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"Thompson seems born to play Holmes. His continuously scanning eyes conjure an image that brings Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s hero to life beyond any perfect imagining of the character. - RECOMMENDED"

"Theatre 40's production is wonderful. The cast is especially outstanding. Martin Thonpson's characterization of Holmes is calm, cool, collected, and oh so suave."

"High-powered cast of talented, accomplished actors and actresses brought to life and captivated the audience at Theater 40 in the Reuben Cordova Theater in Beverly Hills , during a recent performance on November 19 of Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Jersey Lilly."

"Forgette’s work may also have worked better as a novel; as a play it is a bit cumbersome and unexciting on stage. No matter how hard director Jules Aaron and his competent cast try, they just can’t infuse enough menace and thrills into Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily at Theatre 40."

"SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE JERSEY LILY manages to fuse factual fiction and fictional fact into a gripping – and hilarious – mystery which will keep the audience glued to their seats as they follow the maze, chuckling all the time."

"Overall, while some strict by-the-book Sherlockians may object to Forgette’s poetic license and her Baker Street irregulars, Jersey Lily is a case of good old fashioned theatrical fun during the holiday season."

"And to all fans of producer David Hunt Stafford, you are in for a special treat with this show...And to all fans of producer David Hunt Stafford, you are in for a special treat with this show."

"Anyone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this tongue-and-cheek adaptation of sorts by Katie Forgette who employs fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and Professor Moriarty) with real-life actor Lillie Langtry, the Jersey Lily, royal assistant Abdul Karim, and Lillie’s friend and playwright Oscar Wilde."

"This Sherlock Holmes mystery is the best presentation I’ve seen at Theatre 40 in quite awhile. It’s fun all the way through, and seems to fly by."


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