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Get ready to check in for the fourth selection of the award-winning SkyPilot Theatre Company’s Runway series Honeymoon Suite, which will be performed Wednesday, August 14 at 8pm at Oh My Ribs! Theater, 6468 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles. The production is open to the public with tickets for $5 at the door.

SkyPilot, a well-established greenhouse for the development of new theatrical works, continues Runway, a play reading series that helps to develop new plays in the early drafts stage. The readings are directed by prominent Los Angeles theatre directors in partnership with the playwrights. They are rehearsed, staged, on their feet and performed with scripts-in-hand, immediately followed by a focused feedback session with a moderator, the playwright, and the audience.

Honeymoon Suite, written by Kelli Bowlden and directed by Morris Schorr, is a play in three acts telling three different stories all from the same hotel room. Story #1 sees a young couple as they consider the consequences of commitment the morning after their wedding. Story #2 finds a second marriage off to a rocky start when the groom has a bit of a confession to make to his new wife. Story #3 follows a would-be wife being comforted by her bridal party after her wedding didn’t go as planned.

Kelli Bowlden has written, produced and directed several short films, receiving positive response and great feedback from some of the top screenwriting competitions in the country. She has also written numerous plays, including, which was selected for and performed during SkyPilot’s 2018 one-act festival.

SkyPilot will continue its 2019 Runway Series slate with The Queen’s Fool by Kathleen Grotzinger in the fall and A Twisted Christmas Carol by Phil Olson later in the year.

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