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Blood will flow at 11:30pm every Saturday in June with a special Bleed-What-You-Can Performance at 11:30pm on Friday, June 22nd.

WINNER: ENCORE! Producers Award 2017!!

Two shows have been added:

Friday, July 28 at 10:00 pm

Saturday, July 29 at 10:30 pm

Brenda Frank is so desperate to be turned into a vampire that she actually finds one, but some vampires desire more than blood.

​“So You Want to be a Vampire” is a very dark comedy about a woman who will stop at nothing to escape the brutal mundanity of her mortal life and be turned into a creature of the night.


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"A wonderfully comedic play. If you like dark comedy, you'll love this! I went in expecting some sort of horror, but instead was delighted with an amazingly bloody comedy. (And there's nothing quite as fun as being with your friend wiping fake blood off of each other in the splatter zone.)"

"This play is hysterical! There were times where I was crying I was laughing so hard. Fair warning though, it’s a dark, dark comedy, which happens to be my favorite kind. (Think Rick & Morty or South Park) It also has a lot of depth to it as well. The main character, Brenda, is a lost soul and I felt sorry for her, but it’s written in such a way that makes you laugh at her blindness of what’s really going on. The writing is fantastic, the actors are hilarious and the direction is superb! I highly recommend!"

"The writing for SYWTBAV is horror comedy at its best. It’s a perfect mix of humor, mocking, sarcasm, and even legitimately meaningful words. The last third of show I did not see coming at all and I applaud writer Marni Troop for not taking us to the “typical” ending you would expect in something like this. You will be surprised, shocked, and horrified with what you end up witnessing."

"So You Want To Be A Vampire is a shining gem of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s incredibly clever, genuinely funny, and comes complete with a splatter zone. The characters are all exceptionally likeable, and even the ones with less than stellar morals will have you applauding them by the end of the night. This is accomplished via the prodigious talent of writer and producer Marni Troop, of the Offending Shadows Theatre Company. She has a true flair for making characters feel real, witty, and humorous."

"Every single physical effect executed the genre-bending mission of SO YOU WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE perfectly; even the unplanned felt staged for maximum fun. The show's eager splash zone participants (myself included) were generously doused with viscera, but I have absolutely no shame asking for more arterial spray in any reprisals of this laugh riot in sound and synchrony."


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