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Sun Mar 10, 4:30pm


From Beefing it Up to Navigating Algorithms Taught by Monique A. LeBleu This workshop is specifically for anyone who is promoting a theater production, venue, film, documentary or short, writing, or is looking to self-promote in general on social media. In this 1 hour presentation with a Q & A following, writer Monique will share tools on how to beef up your social media presence—or start one—find your target audience, make the best use of online event calendars, create a timeline for promoting your project, and learn to use social media algorithms to your best advantage.

You will learn how to: Determine the best times to post on social media to reach your audience Find Groups and public event postings Use open online calendaring forms Find where you can post press releases online for free Use hashtags, tagging, and other tools that aren’t just exclusive to social media Attendees will receive handouts of information to take, along with a completed flowchart to help jump-start the process guiding you forward, and networking and idea sharing will be encouraged at Studio C thereafter. To keep creative energies flowing, the group will then head to the Broadwater Plunge for a Networking Office Hour, per group interests. Lyft/Uber use is encouraged overall for the event as area parking is limited. For tickets, visit:

Monique A. LeBleu is a freelance Journalist, Co-Editor of, and an Event Editor and Podcaster on

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