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“Spamilton” celebrates and satirizes the Broadway blockbuster with a versatile cast of five. Marilyn Stasio of Variety mused, “Hip-hop, Broadway showtunes, Viennese waltzes — is there anything this guy can’t write? No, not ‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, but Gerard Alessandrini, whose ingenious parody ‘Spamilton’ simultaneously salutes and sends up Miranda and his signature musical.” And Ben Brantley said “This smart, silly and often convulsively funny thesis, performed by a motor-mouthed cast that is fluent in many tongues, is the work of that eminent specialist in Broadway anatomy, pathology and gossip, Gerard Alessandrini.”


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"This entire cast is new, and uber-talented; they’re all wonderful singers, are able to rap, (which is not easy,) be funny, move, and, in some cases, be impersonators...To me, Spamilton is the perfect musical entertainment. And the Douglas, one of the easiest theatres in town, with no bad seats, is the exact place to be showcasing it."

"A musical revue can easily fall flat without a strong committed ensemble or be drained of savvy energy once the original actors have gone. That’s not a concern here, however, as the five principal performers — Dedrick A. Bonner, John Devereaux, Wilkie Ferguson III, William Cooper Howell and Zakiya Young — are all fantastic, hilariously embodying the original performers while hitting the mark on all the jokes. The same holds true for several supporting players. It’s hard to imagine the New York cast was any better. - RECOMMENDED"

"SPAMILTON was tailor-made for the trivial pursuit-inclined musical theatre lover and for HAMILTON fans who can't get enough. If you fit into either of these categories, this is your show. If you don't, the cast is so likeable and entertaining you won't even care if you miss a few jokes. It's a roller coaster ride with a ticket you can afford and a guaranteed good time to go with it."

"Ultra-silly yet pristinely polished, Spamilton will delight any Broadway fan seeking a night of talent and irreverence at the expense of our theater gods."

"It's not just a sensation; it's a phenomenon."

"With "Hamilton" playing over at the Pantages, it may seem like a bold move to stage a parody in the same city. However, all of the material is handled with such love that you know Lin-Manuel Miranda himself would laugh right along with you."

"The production can get surreally silly at points, but Alessandrini treats Miranda’s masterpiece with the rambunctious love this watershed musical deserves."

"Lin-Manuel Miranda himself is quoted as having “laughed [his] brains out” at Spamilton and no wonder. Spamilton: An American Parody is every bit hilarious as each and every Forbidden Broadway before it, and even more so for those in the Hamilton know."


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