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Your Tale Awaits: Walk the Night & Cantrip Candles

present a scented, collaborative storytelling experience...


  • A collaborative storytelling experience, driven by scent; a package you'll receive, with your story's unique candle.
  • UNDER: Immersive, experiential, interactive, 1-on-1 Storytelling

Spencer Williams' Immersive Experiential company Walk the Night  is pairing with Christoff Visscher's Cantrip Candles to create an interactive 1-on-1 piece.


  • “A brilliant use of bespoke, cooperative storytelling. I cannot imagine a person who wouldn't relish this experience.”
    - Tommy Honton, Creator – Stash House ( www.stashhou.se )
  • “Sight, sound, and scent are all perfectly incorporated in this multi-sensory experience.”  - Taylor Winters, Haunting.net
  • “An olfactory journey to create an artifact of a place that never was. A place drawn from your imagination… Unlike anything I had ever imagined on my own… I'm going to cherish this forever.”  - Noah Nelson, No Proscenium Podcast

Entryway Candle Shoppe
Hollywood, CA
(details revealed upon confirmation)

More at: www.talesbycandlelight.com/talesbycandlelight

Contact: Spencer Williams, Producing Director; spencer@towalkthenight.com

Use discount code BETTERLEMONS for a $5 discount. 

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