Tapping My Way To The Nuthouse



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Santa Monica Playhouse Benefit Series and Jassem Inc present in collaboration with Jessica Lynne Johnson a preview or a premiere of Lynne Jassem's (From Homo to Como) latest show Tapping My Way To The Nuthouse. A One performance only special event Sunday, April 28th at 2:00pm on the Main Stage.

A burgeoning neurotic evolves into a full-fledged tap dancing, mime, storytelling, multimedia, nutcase...Come watch the trip!   DOES INSANITY WIN?

Take the travails of a burgeoning nutcase...throw in a little OCD, mix with a bissel paranoia...and you are up and down in the world of tap and mime and characters galore…a multi-media dance journey through the insanity of showbiz.

Written, performed and choreographed by Lynne Jassem • Dramaturge Jessica Lynne Johnson

Lynne Jassem is just so darn adorable..she can't help it she was born that way!” Orlando Times

Lynne Jassem has been performing her whole life…a child of the Perry Como show, The Borscht Belt, multiple soaps and commercials, Lynne has written, and performed six solo shows…Best of San Francisco Fringe Festival, Best Story San Diego Fringe Festival…and best time dancing with Gregory Hines and Tommy Tune on Tap PBS America. Her career includes over 40 industrial productions from Polaroid cameras to London Fog raincoats L'Oréal cosmetics and Maidenform underwear.  She was one of the original founders of the American Tap Dance orchestra. and founder of the Manhattan Mime Theatre.

“If you want to see a 70 year old woman bend over look at you through her legs and battle her male alter ego…this is it!” The List

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