The Hall of Final Ruin



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Santa Fe, 1846. The Mexicans are leaving. The Americans are coming. And Death is patiently waiting.

The woman known as La Tules is the “madrina” of Santa Fe. (The Oxford Dictionary defines “madrina” as “godmother.”) She is the proprietor of the local gambling den and watering hole. When she plays herself, she uses her own lucky deck and never loses. She resides in her home in Burro Alley, off the grand Santa Fe Plaza, with her two adopted granddaughters and her Indigenous housekeeper.

La Tules is old and attempts to prepare herself for death. She wishes to be buried beneath the floor of her beloved Catholic church, La Parrochia, and have a smooth transition to Purgatory.

Two intruders arrive to disturb her routine: One is a woman who presents herself as a Protestant missionary and teacher. The other is a woman who, sooner than La Tules expected, is a harbinger of Death itself.

La Tules is drawn into a card game where the stakes include a fortune in gold, an opportunity for her to provide for everyone she loves after she passes on, and maybe, just maybe, a chance to enter Heaven. It is the riskiest game of her long life.

The Hall of Final Ruin is a dark comedy with danger, romance, and a touch of the supernatural.
Written by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos. Directed by Beatrice Casagran. Presented by Ophelia's Jump Productions.