The Man Who Came To Dinner

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Deck the halls with mirth and mayhem! There’s always the guest that overstays their welcome at a party … The Man Who Came to Dinner is a holiday comedy classic about all of that and more — and by more we mean ex-convicts, kitchen cockroaches and penguins in the library. Expect these fallouts and plenty of seasonal mayhem at the Actors Co-op Theatres in Hollywood.


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"This is the dilemma of classic theatre: it is a product of when it was written, and makes a statement of that time. The Man Who Came To Dinner, while still very funny on its surface, is also a statement. It is a statement about what can happen when bad behavior is allowed to continue unchecked. It is a statement of how men perceived to be powerful treat the people around them. The story of Sheriden Whiteside might be very different had it taken place today. Is a story like The Man Who Came To Dinner worth seeing today? I still think so. It is still an excellent comedy with great lines; asking if one should skip it because of today’s sensibilities is like asking if one should no longer watch The Marx Brothers do their comedy. Enjoy it. Laugh. You certainly will with this production. But be aware with today’s mind as well, so that men like Sheridan Whiteside can’t behave like that today."

"The show is a wild ride simply bristling with wit and brilliant humor presented by a superb cast rendering a truly outstanding performance."

"You Can’t Take It With You may be Kaufman and Hart’s most enduring comedy classic, but their runner-up hit is well worth a revisit. At Actors Co-op, The Man Who Came To Dinner’s multitude of charms are every bit as captivating in 2017 as they were in ’39."

"This is a hilarious romp which revives life in the 30’s while keeping the audience roaring with laughter throughout. Don’t miss THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER. It’s a great holiday show."

"If you are looking for theatre to enjoy this Holiday Season, then look no further than the Actors Co-op production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner" directed by Linda Kerns."

"Superb direction by Linda Kerns and sublime ensemble from top to bottom. Kaufman and Hart as in You Can't Take It With You entertain with a laugh about every two seconds. 5 stars"

"Actors Co-Op in Hollywood is presenting their stylish production during the current holiday season. It may not be the perfect incarnation, but it is fun hearing an intelligent, witty and well-constructed play that is almost 80 years old...The play seems dated with a litany of famous names circa 1939 (that are the butt of jokes) that go mostly unrecognized by today’s audiences and written for a comic sensibility most modern actors don’t seem to know how to enact. Director Linda Kerns attempts to inject a period comic vibe to the often slapstick moments, but she is mostly defeated by her leading man."

"Director Linda Kerns and a spirited cast do an excellent job with this old “chestnut” by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. It’s rarely produced and tricky to stage successfully because of its dizzying carousel of characters and dated strain of humor. This production is a welcome addition to the usual L.A. theater offerings that make the rounds during the holiday season. - RECOMMENDED"


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