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Cal and Beth are selling their home. They’re visited by Skip and Ellie, an engaged couple, very much in love who are eager to buy their first home. They’re joined by Mike and Liz, apparently a couple of lookie-loos who decided to drop by and take a peek at the house for sale. The three couples get to chatting and begin to marvel at just how much they have in common. WAY too much in common, in fact. So much in common that it begins to become surreal. You are traveling to another dimension: A dimension of sight and sound and imagination. You are entering….The Marriage Zone.


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"Jeff Gould’s The Marriage Zone is an excellent example of fusing drama and comedy together with relevant and entertaining results...The production is blessed with a stellar cast and a great script. There are tender moments as well as comedic. Interesting in how the little things can have such large repercussions. Highly recommended.  "

"The concept of the piece is actually quite intriguing, but with the necessary filter missing the result is impressively sub-par. The playwright’s choice to direct – in other words, to have to listen only to his own views on the script, stage movement, pacing, etc. – means that there was nobody left to push the play to its potential."

"Imaginative, fun, funny and very clever – all I can say is; “The Marriage Zone” is fantastic! Part Sci-Fi, part comedy, part Wow!"

"This cute, Indian summertime diversion should be called The Marriage Twilight Zone. It’s pure fantasy but smartly written, full of unexpected developments and sprinkled with chuckles."

"The Marriage Zone is the fourth in a series of comedies written by playwright and director Jeff Gould that deal with relationships between men and women. Though it is an unlikely situation told with many laughs, this plot might be an eye opener for some people."

"The cast is superb, absolutely brilliant, and they all work so effortlessly together to weave this complex and unusual tale...I highly recommend “The Marriage Zone” at The Secret Rose."

"This one act play, written and directed by Jeff Gould, is very witty. The barbs and gags has its comic appeal where a simple situation takes upon many ironic twists without losing any of its humor."

"The attractive middle-aged couple is having a fight. It’s not one of those screaming, throwing-things-at-each-other kind of fights. Rather, it’s the irritable kind of bickering where every time he opens his mouth she argues with whatever he has to say. This time the argument is about selling the house they have lived in for 20 years. She wants to “move up” to a nicer house in a better neighborhood. He wants to stay where they are. Nevertheless, she appears to be winning. They have put the house up for sale. It’s a fast-paced opening to playwright Jeff Gould’s delightful and hilarious take on a marriage that has lasted long enough for the participants to become permanently annoyed with each other. We all know how that works, right?"

"Gould’s writing is crisp, glib and playful, and his production engagingly explores the wacky idea that these three couples are the same people at different points in their lives."

"It’s an intriguing conceit and handled brilliantly by author and director Jeff Gould and, after you see this play, you will never think of your own relationships the same way again."


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