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The rabbi’s life gets really interesting when two women show up at his office – one his former girlfriend, the other a younger woman engaged to someone else. This engrossing and humorous production examines the thorny topic of what makes someone Jewish, a subject on which Jews often disagree. THE RABBI’S MISSION is the sequel to the highly successful THE RABBI & THE SHIKSA (which you don’t need to have previously seen to understand and enjoy this new play. Nor do you need to be Jewish.).


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"I believe each time I see a Shulman play I leave the theatre a slightly more evolved human being. The Rabbi’s Mission continues Art’s tradition of blending culture, intellect and a deep sensitivity for the human condition in all of its real and self-induced complexity to the stage in a way that makes us relate to even the most eccentric of characters. It is genius, powerfully portrayed. Two thumbs up. Bravo. Mazel tov Mr. Shulman."

"Shulman has written and directed an amusing, multi-layered story, with some comical and squeaky clean dialogue, suitable for the whole mispoche."

"A funny and thoughtful examination of difference and acceptance, Art Shulman’s The Rabbi’s Mission celebrates the wide range of Jewish culture. Fine acting by the cast illuminates the themes of family and relationships."

"...the show is entertaining and delivers both mental stimulation and abundant humor. Even though it is heavily steeped in the Jewish experience it is nevertheless enjoyable to a broad audience without regard to their religious faith."

"THE RABBI’S MISSION is a hearty play that is amusing, heartfelt, and will even give one a crash course on basic Judea, even enough for a gentile to understand!"


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