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Los Angeles, CA

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Written by Mary Zimmerman, celebrated playwright of Metamorphoses, this witty, magical, and darkly mysterious collage of lesser-known fairy tales explores simple parables in the context of a surreal, tempestuous dream. Brought to imaginative life by Joseph V. Calarco, Ovation-nominated director of The Sparrow.


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"No theatergoer in search of something out of the ordinary could hope for more mesmerizing theatrical magic than that now taking place on the Lankershim Arts Center stage. The Secret In The Wings is Los Angeles theater at its most thrilling and Coeurage Theatre Company at its most coeurage-ous."

"No producing entity in El Lay could be a better choice to present Mary Zimmerman’s newest fantasy than the unstoppably courageous folks at the Coeurage Theatre Company, as the Lookingglass stalwart cleverly links together obscure fairy tales with the help of innovative director Joseph V. Calarco and his gifted and highly committed cast--especially Leon Russom, who induces his share of delightfully creepy goosebumps as a bony-tailed ogre. Though perhaps the grisly nature of some of these folk tales is anything but kid-friendly in our contemporary society’s narrow view, let’s face it: Bambi's mother dies and Tinkerbell almost O.D.s too, right?"

"It's a one-act show (which runs an hour and 45 minutes) that is oddly emotional by the end. The cumulative sadness sneaks up on you, and it lingers. It's hard to shake and even harder to pinpoint just why it's so heavy. That's a good thing. So many shows, even when they're enjoyable, are entirely forgettable a day or two later. The mournfulness of "The Secret In Their Wings" will haunt you."

"director Joseph V. Calarco handles the production’s intricacies with a sure hand, keeping the action at a brisk pitch while interspersing the general grimness with drollery at welcome intervals. The design elements are all superb,..It’s a winning group, a seamless team so in tune with one another."

"...playwright Mary Zimmerman’s gorgeously rendered adaptation of a number of fantastic stories will frankly blow your mind. It will also remind you of the more disturbing roots of these stories, planted deep in the collective unconscious where dark creatures roam and human motivations are more jagged than the road through a moonlit forest. Zimmerman’s anthology, which receives a masterful staging in director Joseph V. Calarco’s handsome production, contains so many unsettling ideas and events, that it stays unnervingly in your memory long after you leave the theater...The ensemble work is masterful: The cast wrings pathos and humor from situations which, on the page, sometimes make no sense at all. - RECOMMENDED"

"In 1991 writer/director Mary Zimmerman, a Tony award winner for Metamorphoses (her take on Roman poet Ovid’s tales), took some of the more obscure and dark tales and created The Secret in the Wings. Coeurage Theatre Company has created a fascinating and disturbing production of the play at the Lankershim Arts Center in North Hollywood...The secret may be in the wings, but the magic is clearly on the stage"


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