Long Beach Performing Arts Center (Beverly O'Neill Theatre)
Long Beach, CA

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In Transmission, Trinity is on a mission to love and accept herself. The only problem is that she has a penis, and everyone thinks she’s a boy. Aided by her Tranny Godmother Madonna, her alter ego LaJina Jones –Punany Poet, and her secret lover –codenamed ‘James Franco,’ Trinity goes to battle with her ‘Self Rejection Virus’ in order to live free or die. The dynamic story blends multimedia, special effects, original live music, meditation and dance. Run time 1 hour with optional post-show Q&A on select nights.


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"MIND-BLOWING! Jade Beauvoir is captivating. There is not one dull moment in this production directed by Allan Walls. Visually stunning and tastefully done- this "onetran" show is a real tasty treat! For all of us who have been curious about transgender people, this play answers a lot of questions. There’s a lot of information in this presentation, including pop-culture history and it’s affect. I was riveted as we journeyed with Trent through the emotions and transition of becoming Trinity. And I was not lost when Jade Beauvoir picked up a guitar, either! A real talent who’s music, I see, is available on CD Baby. That’s how much I left the Theatre caring- I’m making a shameless plug for the star whom I don’t know! Sex, good humor, great acting and a dynamic musical & vocal performance make this fascinating and unusual story a MUST SEE. Not just SWEET, but SUPER SWEET!"

"The best part about Transmission is that even someone who has never met a transgender person will leave feeling as if they know trans people very well. I don’t use words like magnificent very often, but Jade’s portrayal of the trans experience was just that and much more. “Zhe” shares sorrow, elation, disappointment, and hope about trans subject matter on a level that will touch anyone’s heart, regardless of gender."

"An engaging, immersive piece of theater that is both funny and poignant. Definitely worth seeing! It was a very creatively put together, innovative piece of semi-autobiographical theatre. I felt a sense of nostalgia from watching it, as a trans woman myself who endured the complicated time of puberty."


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