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Now playing at Theatre of NOTE is the west coast premiere of WELCOME TO THE WHITE ROOM, written by Trish Harnetiaux and directed with constant, attention-getting movement by Megan A McGuane. In the small, black box theater, we discover Ms. White (Sierra Marcks), Mr. Paine (Chris Gardner), and Jennings (Sarah Lilly) shortly after they have arrived in a completely white room set designed by Amanda Knehans. It soon becomes apparent they have not met before nor do any of them know the reason they have been brought into this strange place. Review: WELCOME TO THE WHITE ROOM to Step Inside Your ImaginationAs the one-act play unfolds, we follow their journey as they attempt to figure out exactly what they are meant to do and the reason for their entrapment in such a strange place.


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""Welcome to the White Room," directed by Megan A. McGuane, is filled with complex, nuanced storytelling which uses lights and sound to take you deeper and deeper into the story. The actors are pitch perfect in their performances making this a must see theatrical event."

"Without divulging the denouement, this company’s first-rate production values and all around onstage artistry make it a lot of fun trying to wrap your brain around this mind-bender of a tale."

"I guarantee this play will have you talking afterwards about exactly what it is you saw, and I am not sure there is any one correct answer. I am just offering you my opinion and leave it up to your own imagination to enter the White Room and play along until the riddle of life is solved. And please let me know if you figure out what that purple rope is all about!"

"“Welcome to the White Room” is challenging and fascinating to watch. The performances are very strong, and the results prove compelling. In an era which often uses elaborate technology to enhance a theatrical experience, this underscores the entertainment value in a production focused on a single set, solid acting, and puzzle which will take a while even after the play to digest. This is theater of the intellect, and thus a particular kind of refreshing."

"Director Megan McGuane delivers a stylish and often amusing production, and the actors perform with precision and style. Reuben Uy is particularly appealing."

"Welcome To The White Room will likely divide audiences among those who proclaim it brilliantly profound, those who leave the theater dazed and confused, and those like this reviewer who find themselves torn between the two extremes."


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