Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery

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Back for the 8th year at Mountain View Mausoleum & Cemetery, Wicked Lit 2017 features dynamic adaptations of classic horror literature presented as an immersive theatre experience! Our lineup includes: Thoth’s Labyrinth The Damned Thing The Open Door Liliom (the frame for WL17) THIS IS A MOVING SHOW WITH MANY STAIRS TO CLIMB! Patrons should wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk at least 2,000 steps throughout the evening. The show will end at approximately 10:30PM each evening.


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"“Wicked Lit” sits near the very top of my list of immersive theater events I’ve experienced, mostly because it’s abundantly clear how much work, love, and care goes into the production. The show makes consistently excellent use of its mausoleum home– frequently venturing into the surrounding grounds and neighboring cemetery– while simultaneously combining first-rate acting with effectively moody lighting and chilling effects, all of which add up to an undeniably unforgettable whole."

"Along with the stories being presented, when you arrive at the check-in desk, you will be issued a program with a color-coded dot on the cover. This dot indicates in which group you are in, called by themed Story Guides who will lead you to the site of each on-site story, with each attendee seeing all of three but in different order. You are then directed to the frame for Wicked Lit 2017 which is performed at the central outdoor gathering spot where you meet at the beginning, during breaks between the stories, and at the end of the evening. This is also where the restrooms are located and snacks are available for purchase. Get your tickets soon as the performances sell out in advance every year!"

"Mystery theater lovers won’t want to miss Wicked Lit 2017. There’s truly no other show in town even remotely like it."

"... unlike any other kind of theatre or Halloween event you’ve ever seen, impressive both in its artistry and in its creativity. Go once and you’re hooked. Go twice and you’ll be a WickLit-er for life…For the living, Wicked Lit offers an unforgettable chance to experience decadent entertainment in a drop-dead surreal setting. This year is their best yet.” THOTH’S LABYRINTH: “Darin Anthony directs the piece at a pace that increases in urgency as each discovery is made. Lit mainly by the actors’ flashlights, and some well-placed smoke and murky accent lighting, it is the first time the mausoleum has been used in this particular way and it is incredibly exciting.” THE DAMNED THING “Hold onto your senses because this one has an extended effect in it that seems impossible to orchestrate and is so otherworldly you can’t believe they actually pulled it off. Translation: it’s really cool.” THE OPEN DOOR: “[Paul] Millet chooses audience vantage points at unusual angles that serve the story well. One of the best is watching the action from the concrete walkway above as the characters move through the garden area below. Lighting, and special effects, for all three plays is more intricate and carries an even bigger impact than in previous productions. The textures and moving parts in this story are particularly stunning."

"Wicked Lit 2017 is an extraordinary experience, and you can’t get this kind of theater anywhere else. That it’s got fantastic staging and design almost goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway. Make it a point to go this season at least once (twice would be better!), and join our friends at the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery for some classic chills."


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