Cynthia Citron

Registered Critic

Wheeler is an unhappy man, drifting through life without direction, without ambition, without compassion, without hope. He is not as great a photographer as the "greats" that he admires and, at 50, he is "too old to be something I'm not." Ian Barford plays Wheeler surrounded by an awesome team of his fellow ensemble members from Chicago's wonderful Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and all of the characters are effectively galvanized by the impeccable direction of Dexter Bullard and the creative scenic design of Todd Rosenthal. But the last word goes to the playwright, Tracy Letts, because he has so many of them. Humorous, humiliating, witty, and grim. But thoroughly engaging.

Cynthia Citron has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica as a journalist, public relations and communications director, a documentary screenwriter and a theater reviewer. She is also a co-founder of Earthwatch, the scientific research expedition company, and served as the editor of Bostonia, the prize-winning alumni magazine of Boston University.