Review On Black When I Was A Boy

JS Christian


"Black When I Was A Boy" is an outstanding and exalted production. It is flawless in acting, writing, and production. I was moved to tears and laughter. It cuts straight to the heart. It is important theatre with deep messages. Cooper has a gift for confronting painful truth with ease. He intelligence and innocence Cooper jumps across boundaries and constructs. He faces complexity head on with love and courage.

I know Cooper as a friend in real life, and he lives his truth. I am in awe of him as a performer and a human, and they come together in harmonic eloquence. I highly encourage you to see this production because it is enjoyable and deeply important to confront the issues of our time. Huge respect to Cooper Bates for your deft honesty, diving into your deepest shadows to carry a light for us all to walk in. I adore you on stage and in life.