Bill Reese

Non-Registered Critics

The Rep has gathered a first class cast to essay the gruesome story penned by Hugh Wheeler...

Director Ken Nicholson shapes the enterprise with distinction. The other creatives make their mark as well with a special shoutout to the scenery design of John Iacovelli. His canvas is not the Gershwin (nee Uris) on Broadway where SWEENEY TODD first played, but given the limitations of this smaller stage, a worthy effort even so.

This critic’s landscape reaches near and far with experiences in entertainment, dining and travel that have simmered for a span of at least 50 years on both coasts. Bill’s focus now centers on Southern California and its treasures peeking from beneath those gyrating palms so prevalent in those enticing touristy ads.

The foundation of my expertise hops, skips and jumps around, encompassing both undergraduate and graduate degrees from respected state and private universities on the east coast with concentrations in Speech, Theatre, Reading, Social Studies and English. A twenty-five year career in secondary education buttresses my expertise for this blog including a multitude of hands-on directorial achievements with major theatre productions in an educational setting. Further, as a theatre enthusiast, I regularly travel to NYC, feasting on a potpourri of several hundred Broadway shows. These memorable experiences foster not only a booming creative growth, but also a thirst for theatre history and traditions as well.

New horizons eventually beckon in the direction of the Pacific Ocean and my wife and I transplant ourselves to the San Diego, CA region in order to be closer to our extended family (3 boys, their spouses and five grandchildren). Along the way, two different theatres receive the benefits of my expertise in the House Management arena including a “for profit” resort theatre and a major regional theatre – La Jolla Playhouse.

And here I am, anxious to share a lifetime of drama with my readers as I plunge into the next adventure by land, by air and by sea. At times the journey may be dizzying, but it clearly will be enervating for all.