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Simon's sophisticated score is the star, with its haunting melodies and choral depth, though it is not always handled with finesse by an ensemble that has difficulty with pitch, clarity, and restraint. Still, nothing could dim the overall effect of this lush gothic musical romance steeped in the ache of loss but rich in lessons of rebirth and the cyclical nature of life.

Ellen Dostal (BroadwayWorld, Musicals in LA, Shakespeare in LA: Ellen Dostal is a Senior Editor and longtime writer for BroadwayWorld's Los Angeles region. She publishes two popular Southern California theatre blogs – Musicals in LA and Shakespeare in LA – and has covered the performing arts community, jazz, and classical music for KJazz 88.1 FM and K-Mozart 1260 AM. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Northern Iowa. She is also the LA Show writer for (The Insider’s Guide for women who aren’t kids). Ellen joined the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle in 2017.