Review On Leaving Prince Charming


Lisa Verlo


Wow! Well, I could have saved a lifetime of heart ache if I had scene this show when I was in my early twenties! Lara is absolutely charming, adorable, sincere, brave, bold, and just downright impressive as all her selves coming to her own rescue. Empowering to say the least, Lara’s Leaving Prince Charming is one big lesson in self esteem and a powerhouse of a solo performance that will leave you begging for more! Spoiler alert... thank god she left him... for us!!!
Lara’s characterizations are so on point, her delivery polished and absolutely entertaining! Well written, clever, comical and impressively educational Lara takes a look at herself as well as social constructs which keep us repeating patterns of behavior that don’t usually end well for anyone. Her wonderful multimedia presentation helps bring all the points home. Unconventional yes, and so relatable and refreshing. More please!
One is almost struck with disbelief... can all this talent really be emanating from one person?!