Review On Raised By Wolves


Lisa Verlo


Marla took us on a wonderful adventure with the use of video, photos, and a drawing board to really help illustrate the picture. She gave a physical demonstration of what it is like being tied up to a dog sled and leading a pack and then she took us across some rather emotional terrain. Wow can she ever tell a story! It was rather comforting to have a life size husky dog share the stage even though she was the cuddly stuffed variety, because it did get dark there for awhile. Marla’s talent is bright though, so we were all enlightened by the end.

What an entrance! Marla grabbed the audience by the reigns and led us all on an amazing journey into her pre Hollywood world, introducing us to the pack and instructing us as to our place in it. Her flair for comedy was saturated in a wonderful combination of dead pan and wide eyed wonder as she grappled with where she fit in to this world.