Review On No Child Left Behind


Drew Petriello


Welcome to class, ladies! Your teacher is brimming with energy, and is very charming and witty!

Also, the apartheid referendum is coming up soon because it's 1992 in South Africa.

At thirty minutes long and free, you have no reason not to see No Child Left Behind this Fringe.

So much to love here - Makha plays a charming South African girls' school teacher and does so excellently. She is so much fun to watch. But this "fun teacher" has a surprising amount of depth to her, which is discovered over the course of this brief, yet punchy, play.

This show is very funny.

And also super duper uncomfortable. In a good way, though. I mean, it'd better make you uncomfortable - it's only about a classroom on the eve of the apartheid referendum for crying out loud.

There were a couple of lines towards the end of the show that had me make weird, squeaky, throat noises from how uncomfortable I was. Hit me like a racist cannonball to the gut.

The simple premise and brevity of the show belie how carefully structured it is. Every element is thought out for a very precise effect on the audience. The most banal of activities is laden with symbolism and irony, from the playing of the national anthem to the taking of roll.