Review On Bunny the Elf LIVE!

Pamela Kathleen Najera

Publicist, Audience

Bunny, The Elf is in all of us. The dreams we dared to dream as children get reasoned out of us as reality and responsibility 'grows us up'. The criticism of 'get a real job' that most artists/entertainers hear often is all too relate-able. As if making people smile wasn't a real job. What a gift it is to make a living as an entertainer. Getting paid to make people smile-IS AN IMPORTANT JOB. This is why it's always a huge accomplishment when an artists gets a gig lasting longer than a day or a week. Bunny got to be Bunny for a whole season. She IS a talented actress, singer, and professional creator of smiles. What wonderful poetic justice to watch Bunny's evolution through her show to the 'A-HA!' end. You gotta watch it to find out!