Review On Chrissy Meth ~ A Dance with the Devil and a Journey Back to Self


Shanara Sanders


YOU CAN OVERCOME! This show is a testament to the power of GOD and human will to triumph over abandonment and one of the toughest addictions on the planet. You will also understand how essential family is, that it is where you make it. You will learn that familial bonds are established within the drug culture, where addicts feel loved, supported, and celebrated. You should leave with compassion as a response towards that relative or friend that struggles, not judgment. You will get a glimpse into how the cycle of rejection and lack of worth perpetuates itself in a vicious cycle, if it goes unchecked. Crystal is a courageous and outstanding storyteller, as well as a phenomenal actress. YOU MUST SEE THIS AND BRING A FRIEND!

This Chicago native stormed onto the Los Angeles Theater Center stage as a singing Royal Translator, in 60 shows of Disney's Aladdin, Dual Language Edition. She is creator of her podcast and YouTube series, "ASK A BLACK WOMAN". Since 2017, she's been recording stimulating, impromptu street convos with non-Black people. "ASK A BLACK WOMAN- ONE WOMAN SHOW" premiers in the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 9.

This multi-faceted creator is also an A.C.E. certified group fitness instructor. She dropped the dance hit “U Cute but Do U Juke?” with DJ Slugo (available on all platforms) in 2018. Her #CuteJukeChallenge choreography tookover Los Angeles for the L.A. County Parks After Dark Series, at the same time as the song. She also teaches her dance fitness class, "JukeOut with Ms. Shay" at studio pop ups and corporate events.

Shanara is a singing femcee, writer and actress. She gained popularity as “The MouthPeace”, ( well deserved, due to her stage credits, voiceovers and radio personality roles). She has won 4 Chicago grants to finance her music projects. Her signature style balances singing and spoken word with obvious hip hop and jazz undertones, but her pen has stretched to gospel, country and even jingles.