Review On The Last Croissant


Bob Leggett

Registered Critic, Publicist

If there was an award for the most elaborate and complex show at Fringe, then this one would win hands down. The cast treated us to a pre-show outside the venue, which spilled over to the venue until it was time for the show to begin. The cast is uber-talented and were surprisingly great vocalists, not to mention the incredible musicianship of Luke Medina, who accompanied every song on his guitar. This is a true ensemble piece, and we salute every member of the cast – Julia Finch as Frederick, Medina as Imogen, Meg Cashel as Mumbo, Tyler Bremer as Jumbo, Veronica Tjioe as October/February, and Conor Murphy as Ranger Dave. Brandon Blum (Bear), Kat DeVoe-Peterson (Teabag) and Taylor Bennett (The Postal Service) provided excellent support to the main characters. There were even foley artists involved with the show. Tjioe’s playwriting was spot-on and beautifully realized by director Rosie Glen-Lambert, making this a truly fun way to spend a couple of hours at Fringe.