Review On Lincoln 2020


Bob Leggett

Registered Critic, Publicist

This year we have seen a plethora of political shows as we head into the 2020 elections, but this one take an unusual stance on the entire election process. Have we truly reached the point where it doesn’t matter what the candidates believe but only how well they are known? This show examines that question with an irreverent look at Presidential elections, and features an all-star ensemble cast to achieve that vision. With an incredible script by Holiday Kinard and brilliant direction from Colleen Labella, the cast truly had the freedom to deliver a strong contender for some type of award recognition and is most worthy of an Encore performance. Allie Leonard as Tess and Tim Kopacz as Lincoln turn in especially savory performances, while receiving amazing support from Monique Getineau (April), Amadia Bearden (Hunter), Rebecca Knowles (Kenzie), and Janet Chamberlin (Mallory). Patrick Censopiano, Kristen Cook, Eric Delgado, Adam Gentzler and Dan Torson all provide outstanding support in multiple roles as part of the ensemble.