Review On Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive The Apocalypse


Bob Leggett

Registered Critic, Publicist

This show is a masterpiece and his hand-selected cast are comedic geniuses in pulling out all the stops to make this the funniest damn show of the Fringe. Featuring Sean-Michael Bowles as the “hack director” and Emilie Martz as the “snooty actress,” the amazing cast also included Francesca Manzi as Rodeo, Chelsea Langenderfer as Chandler, Everett Dailey as Marcus, Chris Bunyi as Crenshaw, Asia Pitts as Abbot Kinney and Ashley Frances Hoffman as Dr. Kelli Hu The show was directed by Robby DeVillez, and he was brilliant. My sides hurt so much from laughing, especially at all the inside jokes. We will be quoting lines from this show for a long time.