Review On Lear/Loman


Bob Leggett

Registered Critic, Publicist

t seems that I saved one of the best shows of HFF19 for last, as Lear/Loman delivered on so many levels. Starting with the amazing script written by Kate Schwartz and directed by Scott Leggett, the acting was simply amazing and the show left a lasting impact on me, especially given what had happened to me during the weekend. Suffice it to say that this show is definitely in the top 10 and maybe even the top 5 of the over 600 shows I have reviewed at the Fringe, and I will never forget its impact. Leon Russom (Lear) and Bruno Oliver (Loman) turned in Tony-worthy performances, and were truly supported by Heather Roberts (Linda Loman), Tim Kopacz (Biff Loman), Reuben Uy (Happy Loman), Sarah Schulte (Regan) and Lauren Dewey (Goneril). It is no wonder this show won the Best of Ink Fest. It should be in permanent repertoire at the Broadwater, as I think this one will truly stand the test of time.