Review On Siren Call


Annalee Scott delivers one of the most unnerving and raw performances I’ve seen at the 2019 Fringe. Her ice blue eyes cut through the moody lighting and barely-there set and seem to slow time and hush the air. Sitting feet from her luminous face, Scott was pure presence, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Paul Louis Harrell executed his role with an effortless balance of ease and and focus. But the true wonder of the production is Jola Cora, who wrote, produced, directed, and performed in the play—all with true skill and craft. From her mysterious entrance to the voyeuristic use of the stage’s second floor, Cora’s staging seemed to swirl about the space creating unrelenting tension and subtle magic. Her script was tight and minimal. Not a word was wasted, and every second of silence or speaking was crucially important. Every detail was precious, from Scott’s t-shirt and jeans to Cora’s breathtaking dress. What a wonderful experience.