Review On Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door


I love this show. The cast delivers a completely cohesive and of-the-same-world ensemble performance. Each character is perfectly cast and brilliantly developed by these effortless performers, all of whom are equally skilled at both subtle drama and physical comedy. I believed every word and gesture expressed by these artists during heightened moments and quiet pauses alike. I especially liked how the performers’ choreography and body language brilliantly captured the various ages and urges of their characters. Jennifer Novak Chun’s clever use of the stage to create differences in space and time of the various scenes was both effortless and balanced. The highlight of the show for me was the way in which writer Marnie Olson’s intricately developed coming of age tale vacillated between hilarity and heartbreak, often in one fell swoop. The entire production, like each and every character on stage, is a true diamond in the rough in the Los Angeles theater scene. I cannot recommend the show enough. I went in expecting high jinks and edgy jokes; I came out feeling born again. Cheers to all the crack whores and bulimics who have the courage to witness your pain and save your soul.