Review On #CANCELLED: The Play


The cast is fantastic. Each performer delivers a specific and well-crafted character study that extends well beyond their Instagram images. These performers are gifted comediennes who know their characters’ cadences and quirks inside and out. They shimmer most when bantering back and forth one-upping each other, which is a pure joy to witness. The set is minimal, unfussy, glittery, and effortlessly supportive of the quick scene changes. The costumes were vibrant and perfectly matched to the attitudes of the characters. But the play truly sparkled from MacLaughlin’s quick and clever comedic writing. I found myself laughing at one line, only to catch my breath and crack up at the next line. MacLaughlin has a firm and effortless handle on the tight timing of her script, which extends into her slick direction of the play. And if you are wondering: no, I don’t know Frankie. I met her once. I just think she and her cast are quite possibly the coolest and raddest and funniest team at the Fringe.