Cynthia Citron

Registered Critic

When the actor, James Cox, appears and begins to bellow the story of his life, the audience is riveted for an hour by the range of emotional turmoil he reveals. His father was a brutal drunk who beat and terrorized him through his childhood. And at 11 Jimmy fell in love for the first time with a girl who was indifferent to his hesitant declaration. That same year, while serving as an altar boy, he was “buggered” by the parish priest, Father Chuck, who introduced the activity as “wrestling.” It was a soul-shattering experience for Jimmy, but he still implored Father Chuck to remain his friend.

Cynthia Citron has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica as a journalist, public relations and communications director, a documentary screenwriter and a theater reviewer. She is also a co-founder of Earthwatch, the scientific research expedition company, and served as the editor of Bostonia, the prize-winning alumni magazine of Boston University.