Review On Nancy F***ing Reagan

Cynthia Citron

Registered Critic

It’s been nearly 35 years since the beloved film star Rock Hudson died of a heretofore unknown disease called AIDS. At the time, Ronald Reagan, who had been a movie star himself (although not a beloved one) was president. He reacted to news of the malady that was soon to take the lives of a generation of men with indifference and denial. If he had had access to the damning terminology of our current president, he might have dismissed this tragedy as “just a Chinese hoax.”

Cynthia Citron has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica as a journalist, public relations and communications director, a documentary screenwriter and a theater reviewer. She is also a co-founder of Earthwatch, the scientific research expedition company, and served as the editor of Bostonia, the prize-winning alumni magazine of Boston University.