Review On The Direction Home

Leigh Kennicott

Leigh Kennicott

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Do You Remember 1979? Former hippies were getting jobs, getting married and growing up; aspiring actors were --- well, still aspiring. That’s where we find the denizens of Greg Vie’s fondly remembered comedy, The Direction Home on view at the Actors Company. Home recalls a fateful six months when a disparate group of roommates find themselves overbooked by one: the inexperienced, shy Steven (Jacob Barnes) winds up with the beautiful but level headed Katie (Emilie Martz) as a bedmate.

Director Kiff Scholl has done his best to integrate the actors into a cohesive ensemble, but there are difficulties that can’t be overcome. It’s hard for the others to counter Amir Levi’s over-the-top portrayal of Ted; Barnes’s gentle, realistic portrait of the central character, Stephen is no match. While Martz is the most even-handed as Katie, Vaughn Eelis as Brad seems ill at ease onstage, and I wonder how “ok” he is about his nude scene.

Leigh Kennicott
Leigh Kennicott has an extensive background in theatre, film and television and a Ph.D. degree in Theatre, awarded in 2002. A writer, director and actor, Leigh Kennicott began theatrical reviewing at Backstage, followed by Pasadena Weekly and Stage Happenings blog.
As a director in Los Angeles, she directed a neo-realist "Romeo and Juliet" at the Secret Rose Theatre; a new play,“Charlotte Second Chance,” at DramaGarage; and “How I Learned to Drive,” “Nickel and Dimed” and “Top Girls” all at College of the Canyons.
Presently, she teaches theatre topics at California State University, Northridge.